Benefits of Using Large Baby Play Mats

Benefits of Using Large Baby Play Mats

We’ve spoken before about the benefits of baby play mats and how they can help your baby as they grow and develop. We didn’t talk about how important it is to choose a mat that is big enough to support your little one as they begin to explore their environment.  

While there are plenty of brightly coloured play mats available featuring arches, lights, sounds, and textures for your baby to experience – these are often relatively small, limiting your baby’s ability to move freely over their surface, and can often distract from developmental toys and play. 

Our range of large baby play mats are available in soft French linen (perfect for tummy time) or foam (comfortable and versatile as your baby starts to move). These baby play mats provide a simple yet comfortable space ideal for your baby to play, lie down, or begin to explore. 

A smaller mat is fine when your baby is tiny as they are not rolling over or dragging themselves around. As they grow and start to crawl, having a large play mat gives them more space to explore and gives you peace of mind knowing their little bodies are protected from the hard floor. 

As your little one grows and begins to self-propel, place toys just out of reach, encouraging them to reach out and move towards them. A baby mat encourages babies to use their hands and feet to explore the mat and reach out for toys - contributing to their gross motor control and physical development. 

Large baby play mats encourage independence

Your little one will start noticing themselves or becoming self-aware from around three months old. They’ll stare at their hands and find their feet. They’ll begin to realise that those cute little toes belong to their body and will want to feel, pull, and flex them in a safe and supportive space.

Giving your child a soft play mat for them to use as an exploration and relaxation space will help them grow.  

Play mats that grow with your child

One of the best aspects of choosing a large baby play mat is that they grow with your child. And keep in mind that our foam play mats are two metres long, making them perfect for yoga or stretching once your baby is running around. 

Ludere – pure play

Our linen play mats and our foam play mats are big enough for your baby to play safely and comfortably. Designed with sustainability and longevity in mind, our delightful mats are the perfect addition to any nursery.

With a range of French Linen play mats for tummy time and TPU foam play mats for growing little ones, Ludere play mats are the perfect gift for new and expecting parents. 

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