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Only the best for the little ones in our lives


LUDERE was born out of a passion to integrate beautifully designed, robust and non-toxic children’s homewares seamlessly throughout adult home interiors. Our Ludere play mats are lovingly made to be gentle on your baby’s skin, sustainable for our planet, and create the perfect space for your baby to relax and play.

Ludere, it’s latin for play

Designed in Australia, our play mats are made from the highest quality materials to create a soft and luxurious environment for your little ones. We prioritise safety by using non-toxic materials that are both robust and easy to care for. Thoughtfully designed, these mats are sure to blend in seamlessly with any home interior aesthetic.

Ludere Play mats

We’re here with you through it all - from the big milestones, to the little moments and everything in between.

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