5 Benefits of Using a Baby Play Mat

5 Benefits of Using a Baby Play Mat

Being a baby must be pretty exciting. Every experience is brand new, with countless different sights and sensations every day.

Babies’ senses develop quickly, learning and developing from all these experiences even before they can explore under their own steam.

How a baby play mat benefits development in 5 ways

Baby play mats are beneficial in early development. Not only because they keep little explorers safe from toxins and other nasties but also by creating a space for babies and parents to learn, grow and play together.

1. Cognitive development benefits

By the time babies are 6 weeks to 4 months old, they are already learning what they enjoy through primary circular reactions. These are actions babies perform accidentally the first time, then begin to repeat because they enjoy the sensation. For example:

  • Hitting a soft toy on the ground
  • Sucking their thumb
  • Pulling or kicking a hanging toy

Primary circular reactions are the building blocks of logical reasoning. Using baby-safe toys on a hygienic, soft sensory play mat is a great way to encourage babies to become aware of objects in a safe way.

2. Motor functions

Baby play mats benefit gross motor development by providing a soft, comfortable surface for “tummy time” and movement. As they play, babies engage their legs, arms, back and neck muscles. They also develop hand-eye coordination and visual perception.

All these things are the equivalent of exercise for babies. Strengthening those core muscles and reaching for objects around them builds the physical and mental muscles for crawling, walking, eating, speech and fine motor skills.

3. Sensory stimulation

Babies want to touch, mouth, grasp, hear and look at everything. Sensory play mats made from safe, non-toxic materials give them a place to do all of this and more:

  • Squishy play mat material they can touch
  • Soft toys to play with
  • Auditory stimulation from parents, music or toys that make sounds
  • Colours and textures to experience
  • Teething toys for oral stimulation
  • Reaching, grabbing and rolling on a comfortable surface

4. Imagination and exploration

In the first few weeks, babies crave being held and swaddled. But pretty soon, they start to get interested in the big, bright, colourful world around them.

Sensory play mats encourage independence and give a baby’s budding imagination endless material. Even before they are old enough to develop cognitive skills like object permanence, play time teaches them to be independent humans.

5. Self-awareness

Many parents position baby-safe mirrors on the play mat around the third month, when their bub can begin to notice their reflection. By this time, babies can already show signs of self-recognition, responding differently to a mirror than they would to another toddler.

Baby play mats provide the environment for this crucial development, helping babies become aware of themselves and the world around them.

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