multifunctional play mats

A Play Mat that Grows with You and your Family

When our babies are tiny, we spend lots of time playing with them down on the floor, making purchasing a play mat essential for new parents. However, the design of many children's play mats in Australia features bright, bold colours, which can appear jarring in homes styled with a more neutral aesthetic.

Furthermore, mats should be neutral to avoid overstimulating babies and enable them to focus on their toys and playing. As parents ourselves, we wanted to create a range of play mats with longevity, lovingly designing our products to nurture simplicity, versatility, and multifunctionality.

Evolving and growing with your changing needs

We designed our range to grow with your child, evolving from a safe spot to lay your sweet baby into where you practice daily mindfulness and yoga. We wanted our multifunctional play mats to become an essential and valued part of your home.

At Ludere, we create sustainable, practical, and beautiful products. So, if you want a baby play mat the whole family can use, choose a play mat from Ludere. Our TPU foam baby play mats and our French Linen play mats bring a refined aesthetic to any home. Available in a classic muted palette, you will enjoy our baby and children's play mats for years to come.

These gorgeous play mats create a safe, nurturing place for your baby to explore their environment. They could be the place they roll over for the first time – or where they manage to sit unassisted all by themselves. Our play mats are portable, durable, and beautiful, and even better, once your little one has learned to walk, our mats transform into being the perfect spot for you to have some 'Me" time.

Ludere play mats are designed to be a stylish addition to any room in your house without looking out of place. Whether you are working on your flexibility and mobility with stretching exercises or following an online workout, we designed our TPU play mats so you can use them in multiple ways. While your baby may grow out of their baby bouncer or walker, our play mats will be helpful for years to come.

Ludere – play in style

Our stunning foam play mats are manufactured from high-quality TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane). We developed them as a safer alternative to PVC; our range is robust, free of harmful and toxic chemicals, and beautifully designed. The perfect choice for your little one.

If you prefer natural fibres to foam, our linen baby play mats are manufactured from all-natural 100% French linen Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX® certified. This certification means you can be confident there are no nasty harmful substances used to produce our linen mats – just considered design and thoughtful construction.

Choose Ludere for your luxurious, stylish, and multifunctional play mat today.

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