french linen baby play mat

Features Every Play Mat Should Have

We lovingly designed our baby play mat range to nurture simplicity and versatility in your life because, at Ludere, we believe in creating safe, comfortable, practical, and beautiful products. 

If you are looking for a floor covering that you don’t need to put away once your little one finishes playing, Ludere has the perfect offering. Perfect for an exercise session or yoga mat, our TPU foam baby play mats bring a refined aesthetic to any home.

Available in a muted neutral palette, our baby and children’s play mats will match your design style with elegance, sophistication, and functionality. 

Look for these five features when choosing a baby play mat for your little one.

Encourages tummy time

Tummy time helps little ones build core strength and is an excellent way to allow babies to move their arms, legs, and neck. When investing in a play mat for your baby, choose a soft but supportive one.

Our TPU foam play mats are non-toxic and offer a soft landing for bumps and tumbles.

Low maintenance

Your little one will be spending lots of time exploring on their baby play mat, often dribbling, spitting up, or dropping food on it. Choosing a low-maintenance play mat is key to ensuring your mat is kept clean and ready to use.

Look for baby floor mats that are water-proof and easy to wipe clean with a cloth or made from linen so you can pop it through the wash.


Playdates are an opportunity to help babies socialise and enhance their development process. Choosing a lightweight play mat that rolls up and is portable means you can take it with your wherever you go.

Our play mats are the ultimate accessory for your baby from the park to the beach. 


Babies grow quickly, which is why Ludere’s play mats are multi-functional. Parents can re-use our play mats as a yoga or exercise mat.  


Choosing a safe play mat is the priority for any parent or carer. If you want to purchase a baby play mat, choose either a non-toxic TPU foam play mat or a 100% linen one. At Ludere, we offer designer and non-toxic play mats that are the perfect addition to your tastefully designed family home.

Whether you’re a stay-at-home parent, a working professional, or a freelancer, we designed our play mat range with every kind of parent in mind.

Ludere – play in style

Our delightful foam play mats are high-quality TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane). Developed as a safer alternative to PVC, our range is robust, free of harmful and toxic chemicals, and beautifully designed. The perfect choice for your little one.

If you prefer natural fibres to foam, our linen baby play mats are all-natural 100% French linen Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX® certified. This certification means you can be confident there are no nasty harmful substances used to produce our linen mats. 

Choose Ludere for your luxurious, stylish, and safe baby play mats today.

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