What to Look for When Choosing your Play Mat

What to Look for When Choosing your Play Mat

With so many gorgeous choices available, deciding what gift to buy for a baby shower can be difficult. As mums ourselves, we landed on the perfect gift when we discovered play mats and just how versatile they are – yes, that's why we created our range of linen and foam baby play mats. You're welcome.

But how do you choose the right play mat? Let's dive into how you can pick the safest, prettiest, and best baby play mat for your upcoming baby shower.

Consider safety

Safety is the priority for anything related to babies and young children. Soft floor mats keep babies off the floor and allow the child to explore their environment safely, absorbing the impact of little bodies learning roll, sit and toddle.

As little one progresses from a cuddly baby to a curious crawler to and a confident tot, giving them a safe and soft area designated for play will put your mind at ease. It is so important to look at the materials your play mat is made from.

At Ludere, we have proudly prioritised your little one’s safety when designing our mats. Our linen mats are made from all natural 100% French linen that is Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX® certified, meaning you can be confident there are no nasty harmful substances used in its production.

Our padded foam play mats are made from high quality TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) which was developed as a safer and more expensive alternative to PVC. Not only is it robust, importantly, It is free of harmful and toxic chemicals.

Make sure it's easy to clean

Typically made from foam, rubber, or layered cloth, choose a soft, hardwearing, easy-to-clean mat. While the most mess a 6-month-old might make is some spit up, when you introduce food, believe us, it will get everywhere!

Many parents opt for a soft linen play mat for those early months, and then transition to a padded foam mat when they need a non-porous surface that you can wipe down quickly and easily and one that won't stain.

Choose a play mat that fits your aesthetic

While we consider a padded foam play mat a living room staple, we also don't think that means they have to clash with your home's aesthetic.

While many toys are bright and flashy, we believe your foam mat can be stylish in subtle colours, allowing your baby to concentrate on their developmental toys, and also be the focus of any pictures you take. 

Versatility is essential when choosing your baby's play mat

While most babies and children enjoy sitting on the floor to play with their toys, we understand that as parents, you want to keep them away from dust and germs – which is why our play mats are so great!

You can use Ludere play mats on top of your existing wooden, stone, tile, or carpet flooring – you can even take them outside into the garden or to the park for a playdate.

The thick, spongy foam floor mats protect your little ones from cold, hard floors and provide a soft landing for any bumps, spills, and tumbles.

Ludere – play mats designed for play

"Ludere" is Latin for play, and that's what we want your little ones to do on our play mats. Play is essential to learning, growth, and development, and by providing your children with a safe space to play, you are already winning at parenting! 

Our linen and padded foam mats are the perfect addition to any nursery. Thoughtfully designed, our high-quality products are beautiful and functional, the ultimate baby shower gift.

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