Baby's First Christmas

What to Get for Baby's First Christmas

If you have a new baby, firsts are important. The first smile, first roll, first word, first step, first Christmas – each first is unique and memorable. Whether you're shopping for your newborn or a friend's, choosing a Christmas gift can be tricky.

While the baby won't remember their first Christmas, you will. Make it memorable with one of our present ideas for your little one to enjoy.

Practical or sentimental?

Many new parents receive lots of baby gear, clothes, and books at the baby shower or after the baby's birth. They likely also went out and bought lots before the baby arrived.

Unlike an eight-year-old who lists all the toys they want, a newborn doesn't play with blocks, plush animals, balls, and other toys. When looking for a Christmas gift for a baby, you can choose a practical gift or a sentimental gift.

  • Practical Christmas gifts for babies include clothes, blankets, and other essential supplies. 
  • Sentimental Christmas gifts for babies can include items they will cherish for years, like silver money boxes, baby bracelets, and even shares in the baby's name.

Newborn (0 to 3 Months) gifts

When babies are tiny, they don't have the muscle strength or ability to play with traditional toys. Consider buying these instead: 

Babies often get sick, so you could consider buying a First Aid Kit. While the parents might be surprised by the gift, it won't be long before they thank you!

If you want a more significant gift, then consider one of the following:  

  • Kids floor play mat
  • Infant seat
  • Playpen
  • Portable swing or rocker

 Infant (3 to 12 months) gifts

As your baby grows, so do their gift options. Bathtime toys are always popular, along with other sensory toys. Many fun options are available, from teething toys to a floor mat for tummy-time play. Clothes are always popular or look at toys and play items like:

  • Bath toys
  • Books
  • Building blocks
  • Floor play gym
  • Jumpers
  • Plush toys
  • Push/walker toys
  • Sensory toys with sounds, textures, and lights
  • Teething toys
  • Gift cards

If you still aren't sure which Christmas gift is suitable for the baby in your life, consider choosing a gift card. Giving a gift card allows the parents to buy what they need when they need it. 

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