Toddler Nappy Bag Essentials

Toddler Nappy Bag Essentials

It is almost impossible for mothers of babies and toddlers to leave the house without their nappy bags. Apart from the essential nappies, the bag's contents should be able to cater to every emergency need of you and your little one. Nappy bags are designed to assist you with the food, clothing, and sanitary requirements of your children, so try to keep one ready at all times so that you don't miss out on any important stuff if travelling in a hurry.

Because we know how difficult it is to go out without a properly packed nappy bag, we put together this list of nappy bag essentials: nappies, play mats, wipes, toys and much more!

Essential Items For Kids In Your Nappy Bag 

Since it is so hard to keep a count of things to carry for your small one, this list may be helpful to make sure you don't miss anything important. Babies and toddlers need nappies, wipes and natural floor mats to play on, and then there are also optional items like toys and snacks for infants.

So you have to prepare your nappy bag while keeping these things in your mind. Let's get to know what to pack and why to pack in detail.

Nappies And A Fresh Change Of Clothes:

For any mother, fresh underwear and nappies (depending on the number of hours you will be outside) are both essential. Besides that, burping clothes may be needed for an infant.

And it is always advisable to carry an extra set of clothes/onesies for your baby in case they spill anything on it or ruin it while playing.

Baby Play Mats:

Portable play mats for your babies and toddlers can create a safe and comfortable surface for your bub to play on, and can also double up as a mat for changing nappies.

As a suggestion, the French linen play mats by Ludere can be used as a hygienic surface on the go, plus they come with a portable drawstring carrybag! As these mats are hypoallergenic and sustainable, they can provide a safe surface from outdoor spaces may harbour germs.

Thanks to their French linen construction, these mats are very soft on your toddler's skin and durable at the same time!

Bandages And Ointments [Antiseptic And Diaper Rash Creams]:

Little kids seem to have some con game with injuries. It is not surprising given their excitement to twiddle with anything they see. Given this, bandages, bandaids, and antiseptic ointments for your active toddlers ones can often come in handy.

Also, don't forget to pop in a nappy rash cream for all those skin irritations.


A small pack of baby wipes will come in handy in any toilet or food emergency but don’t pack too much of it because it will make your bag bulkier. Sanitary essentials like baby wipes are especially critical for infants and younger toddlers.

Small Toys:

Small toys can provide a great distraction for kids while you go about doing chores and running errands. Put a toy in your nappy bag to make things easier when you face these situations.

Choose a small one so that it is easy to carry with you. Here's our guide to help you choose the best toys for your toddler.


Especially in the COVID-19 pandemic era, hygienic practices are incredibly important. Hand sanitizer can be a great alternative when you are on the go/outside and a sink is difficult to find for handwashing.

Just make sure that you buy a gentle one made from natural ingredients that won’t irritate the skin.

Essential Items For Mumma In The Nappy Bag 

In all your worries about your baby, don't forget yourself. Your needs are as important as your kids, and your well-being ensures theirs.

Snack Bars For A Quick Hunger Fix:

Healthy snack bars and compact great for any hunger emergencies – these can be a lifesaver for both your toddler and yourself!

A Bottle Of Water:

Be it summer or winter, staying hydrated is essential for both your health.  

Travel Tissues:

It is wise to carry your own tissues everywhere. You never know when you'd need one. It is helpful in so many different situations.

A Bag To Carry Soiled Clothes/Items:

Keep a spare bag with you at all times to stuff in those dirty clothes. This way, you can keep the germs separate until you get to go home and clean them. Scented nappy bags can be a blessing as well if you are dealing with a number 2 on the go.

Packing It Up!

No matter what the situation is, try not to overpack.

You may also need to pack things seasonally like socks and gloves for the winter, sunscreen, and a hat for the summer season. Pack your nappy bag nicely but do keep some of the items in your car also as this will reduce the weight of your bag. 

Depending on your toddler's age, the items you need to carry in the nappy bag may vary, this list is provided as a rough guide.

Remember to replace items that you use such as nappies and snacks for future excursions.

We hope this guide helps you enjoy your time with your baby!