Designing toddler bedroom

Tips for Designing a Wonderful Toddler Bedroom

Once your baby is on the move, your whole world changes! When your baby is tiny, their nursery can be minimal and will likely only contain a cot, nursing chair, change table, and a cupboard for their clothes.

But as they start to grow, their needs change, and you’ll have to start thinking about how to create a fun, safe, beautiful, and functional space for them.

Creating a space for toddlers should be fun – because when children are little, they learn through play. Ensure your toddler’s bedroom has plenty of room for exploration, adventure, and learning, as well as providing them a safe refuge from worries and fears. Most of all, try to design a space that will grow and evolve with them.

Sound overwhelming? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered!

Read on to learn Ludere’s top tips for creating a functional room your child will love both now and for years to come.

Choose a neutral base

While creating a candy-floss pink princess wonderland for your 18-month-old might seem cute to begin with, we’d recommend creating a neutral base as a foundation to strike a balance between practical and adorable.

Muted walls and carpet allow you to add colour and style through accessories without repainting the walls every few years. A mild winter white or pale taupe provides a stunning canvas – simply add beanbags, cushions, and pictures for extra style.

Less is more 

If you are lucky enough to have a playroom for all your toddler’s toys, you can easily stick to the ‘less is more’ tenet. If not, don’t worry; just try to keep the decor simple and furnishings to a minimum.

By keeping things simple, you create more space to play and provide a neutral canvas that you can easily update as your child grows.

Make room for play

As we mentioned above, kids learn through play. Ensure there is floor space for them to use for their blocks, stories, tea parties and puzzles.

You can add extra elements like a chalkboard wall or even, if you’re feeling particularly adventurous and have the room, a built-in rock-climbing wall (just make sure there is lots of floor padding underneath!).

If you only have a small room, consider using a loft bed to maximise floor space. You can create a reading zone underneath with a bean bag and a bookshelf or add a desk and chair for their arts and crafts. Be creative.

Storage is essential

You’ll be surprised at how quickly you’ll begin to accumulate ‘stuff,’ so extra storage is essential. From toys and games to books and clothes, you’ll need to be mindful about how you manage the clutter. We find it helpful to go through our children’s toys every six months, donating any toys they were no longer using to charity.

You could also consider rotating toys, so they have a small selection to choose from each month. Toy rotation can extend their interest in a toy as they don’t have time to get bored.

Hooks, bookshelves, under-bed storage crates, and furniture with built-in storage are great options for extending your storage space.

Choose colourful accessories

Kids love colour. Rather than committing to just one colour, choose a rainbow. Accessories are the perfect way to add style and personality to a room without the cost of having to repaint walls.

Cushions, rugs, bedsheets, and curtains are all great ways of adding colour to a room without breaking the bank. 

Pattern and texture

Adding natural textures is a beautiful way to keep your child connected to the natural world. Consider adding a jute rug or a macrame wall hanging – you can even create an art project with your child and hang it on their wall. Add patterns through cushions, art, and curtains.

Don’t be afraid to involve your child in the selection process. Even when they are little, asking their opinion empowers them, so they know their thoughts are important and valued.

Encourage creativity

If you have the space, an arts and craft area is necessary. It could be a small coffee table you cover in oilcloth for activities or a designated project desk under a loft bed. Our premium TPU Foam mats are perfect for a waterproof, easy-to-clean surface.

Whatever you use, providing your child with a place to colour and create will not only keep them busy but might also help with their physical and mental development. And, as your child grows, it can transform into a study area where they can complete their homework.

Create a sanctuary

More than anything, a toddler’s bedroom should be a place of sanctuary where they can rest and reset after all the busy, busy learning they do every day. A reading nook is a wonderful place for them to curl up with a book or listen to an audiobook.

Our soft French Linen Play mats can provide the perfect space for a reading area. Good quality black-out curtains or blinds can help regulate their sleeping, and a ticking clock can soothe tired young minds.

Choose Ludere

From tiny babies to toddlers and beyond, Ludere’s range of quality play mats grow with your little ones. Lovingly made and sustainably designed, our play mats are a stylish addition to any bedroom, creating the perfect space for tummy time and tea parties alike.

Choose one of our premium TPU foam designs, or a 100% Flax French linen play mat in your choice of colour. Whichever mat you choose, they will be a valued addition to your household for years to come.

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