These Hacks will Make your Life with a Baby a Whole Lot Easier

These Hacks will Make your Life with a Baby a Whole Lot Easier

The pregnancy journey is exciting as you work towards meeting your baby. But what happens after your baby is born?

There is nothing quite like the bewilderment you feel after you are sent home from the hospital with your newborn snuggled safely in their car seat. I remember thinking, "Wait! Am I in charge of this creature? Where's the instruction manual? How will I know what to do?'

Becoming a mother is a steep learning curve. It takes time to get to know your baby and learn their cues and working out feeding and sleeping routines can be overwhelming, so we thought we'd help you out.

To make the transition into parenthood a little smoother, we're sharing some of our top baby hacks for mums to help reduce the stress of your baby's first year.

Note: there is no ONE right way to be a parent. Some of these tips for first-time mums might work for you, and some of them might not – either way, the most crucial point to remember is you are not alone. Do what feels suitable for you and your baby.

How can I make life easier with a newborn?

It's natural to wonder if there are any baby hacks to make life easier, which is why we've written this list for you. While there is lots of great information available on the internet, sometimes it's good to hear perspective from a mum who's been there!

Here are some of the best tips and tricks the team at Ludere thinks every new mum should know.

1. Don't keep your baby awake too long

While staring into your newborn's eyes is an incredible experience, keeping your baby awake too long can result in them becoming overstimulated and cranky. And unfortunately, the more overtired they are, the harder it is to get them to sleep, which can turn into a problematic cycle.

So we recommend trying to keep to their neurologically-appropriate awake windows – for example, this is about 1.5 hours for a 9 week old.

2. Onesies are designed to be pulled down

Many baby clothes have overlapping flaps on the shoulders. While many people think this accommodates different head sizes, did you know their design allows you to pull them down the body? Once you experience a poo explosion, you'll realise how valuable this knowledge is!

Instead of having to manoeuvre the dirty onesie up over a squirming baby's head, instead you just gently pull the neckline down and take each arm out. Gold!

3. There are tracking, feeding, and changing apps

Much of the first few weeks postpartum can pass in a blur, so having an app on your phone tracking feeds, sleep, and changing can be a lifesaver. They are convenient for visiting the health nurse, and she asks you how you're doing.

There are several apps available, including some free ones. Have a look at these new mum apps to see if any of them will work for you.

4. Relax and take a breath when they stir

When your new baby makes the slightest sound, you might want to run in to check and make sure they are okay. Even the smallest baby snuffles and sniffs and tries to move around when sleeping. It's completely normal, and you'll be surprised how many sounds your baby can make while sleeping.

Getting a baby monitor lets you see if they are distressed and needing you, are just stirring in their sleep. It might prevent you running in and accidentally waking them up from a peaceful nap!

5. Swaddling can help

Tiny babies love being swaddled. Swaddling makes them feel secure and safe after spending many months sung and cosy in the womb. Swaddling also helps stop the Moro reflex, which causes many babies to wake suddenly.

Many great videos on YouTube show you how to swaddle your baby, and your health nurse can also show you. There are also blankets made explicitly for swaddling; however, a simple cotton wrap works well.

6. You can put your baby down

As much as you want to hold your baby, it's essential to put them down when you can. Otherwise, you could end up holding your baby all the time. We're not kidding. Babies love to be held, so they will always complain if you lay them in the cot, but you also need to sleep and eat!

Look into some safe alternatives to your arms, for example, the pram, the cot, or a baby wrap/sling if you want to have them on you. This may seem like lots of baby gear, but you will want more than one option.

7. White noise or a ticking clock can help with sleep

While it can be tempting to tiptoe around the house when you finally get your baby to sleep, you'll often find they sleep better if there is background noise.

Playing white noise to help soothe them when you lay them down can help them sleep better. A ticking clock also provides a soothing background rhythm for your baby.

Ludere – helping you and your baby

We're here with you through it all, from the moment you see your baby for the first time to them reaching the most significant milestones. We designed our range to grow with your family and help you have fun along the way.

Have any more essential first-time mum hacks? We would love to here them! Please follow us on Instagram @luderekids and let us know your tips!