The Ultimate Guide to Non-Toxic Play Mats

The Ultimate Guide to Non-Toxic Play Mats

Watching your little ones explore and learn is one of the best aspects of parenting. Creating a nurturing, safe environment for exploration is worth the investment, but with so many options available, how do you choose the right play mat for your baby?

Baby play mats come in various sizes and materials, which can make them difficult to choose. Start by considering your baby’s immediate needs:

  • Are they under six months and enjoying tummy time? 
  • Crawling? 
  • Sitting up? 
  • Starting to walk? 

Next, think about where you will put the play mat.

  • Will it be in a playroom, kitchen, or loungeroom?
  • On a hardwood floor, carpet, or tiles?

Lastly, reflect on how long you’d like the playmat to last.

  • Is it for temporary use?
  • Will you use it for your next child as an heirloom piece?

If you take some time to consider these factors, it will help you choose the ultimate non-toxic play mat for your baby.

Read on for some of the common styles of non-toxic baby play mats available in Australia.

Tummy time non-toxic baby play mats

Tummy Time play mats are fantastic for young babies up to toddlers and are an excellent, safe, and stylish way for your child to learn to spend time on their tummy, developing their motor skills and core strength. Typically, the ultimate tummy time mats are made from non-toxic materials such as TPU foam and Linen flax. 

  • TPU Foam Play Mats: Ludere’s padded foam play mats are high-quality TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane). Developed as a safer and more expensive alternative to PVC, our non-toxic TPU foam baby play mats are robust, free of harmful and toxic chemicals, and beautifully designed. 
  • Linen Play Mats: our linen mats are all-natural 100% French linen that is Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX® certified. Our passion for providing luxurious, sustainable, and safe baby play mats means you can be confident there are no nasty harmful substances used in their production. 

Are Ludere’s Non-Toxic TPU foam and Linen play mats safe for babies?

Yes. Our TPU foam floor mats and our 100% linen baby play mats provide a safe, non-toxic, padded environment for young babies and toddlers to explore. See our blog on this for more information. 

Other play mat types

Many other baby play mats are available in Australia, including brightly coloured activity gyms, water play mats, and play mats featuring musical pads.

However, here at Ludere, our focus is on providing luxurious, aesthetically pleasing, and functional baby play mats that provide a neutral background for your baby to avoid sensory over-stimulation.

Our goal is to offer products that enhance your home, and our design process considers the whole family.

Ultimately, the choice lies with you and your personal preferences.

Ludere baby play mats - designed with love 

Give your little one a Ludere baby play mat today, and know you are giving them the gift of safe play.

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