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The Importance of Baby Play Dates

It’s common for parents to feel overwhelmed in the first months after their baby arrives. It takes time to adjust to the challenges of transitioning from carefree couples to 24/7 parents. Alternating between feeding, changing nappies, trying to sleep, and all the other delightful newborn needs, you might ask yourself – when do I start organising playdates for my little one?

Up until your baby is around six months old, playdates tend to be more beneficial for you than for your baby. Playdates are a fantastic way to meet other new parents, share your experiences, and discuss issues you’re facing. As your baby grows, they will begin experiencing several benefits from attending playdates. 

Growth through play

Play is essential for a child’s well-being and development, and playdates are a great way for babies to get together to improve their skills. You can use playdates to help your baby’s development by providing a safe place to explore their environment in a safe, shared space.

When they are tiny, they may just lay next to each other on a play mat, but even being near other babies is a fun way to start learning social skills.

How many babies should you invite to a play date?

It’s up to you to decide how many children you invite, but we’ve found two or three friends at once is a good start. Each baby will likely have a slightly different routine, so schedule your playdate during a time your baby is typically awake and ready to interact. 

Playdates up to 6 months

Playdates in the first six months are essentially an opportunity for you to leave the house and spend some time with other new parents. Typically, during these meetups, your baby’s activities revolve around watching all the new faces or being cuddled and adored by other parents.

Use this time to make your baby comfortable with being passed around and held by others. They will be able to hold toys and rattles, so make sure there are toys available, along with an outdoor play mat for some tummy time.

Playdates 6-12 months

Your baby is a little older; they will likely be rolling over, crawling, and clapping. They will love exploring the environment with other babies, and even though he’ll play independently, just being around other little ones will boost his development. 

Playdates 12-18 months

Once your baby turns one, you may notice some anxiety and clinginess. Separation anxiety is a normal part of development. Continue to organise playdates to encourage your baby to interact with others. 

Playdates for toddlers

Once you’ve created a regular playdate routine, your toddler will know what to expect. However, the toddler years present a whole new level of challenges. Be prepared for tantrums and conflicts during this time, and keep in mind that this is normal. 

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