The Best Play Mats for Babies and Kids, According to Parents

The Best Play Mats for Babies and Kids, According to Parents

We admit it. We're biased about Ludere's quality play mats because we know just how much work we put into creating this little brand we are so very proud of. There is nothing better than receiving feedback from our clients, so we asked a few new parents what they thought about our brand. 

We thought we would share some comments we've received, so you know that when you choose a Ludere baby play mat, you are choosing one of Australia's best play mats for babies and kids – according to thrilled Aussie parents. 

We were blown away by the answers, so read on to learn what our customers say about Ludere's play mats.

What do you think about the design of our playmats?

Shara M: Oh, they are so soft and squishy, perfect for my baby girl and my 4yo to play on! We've had spills, and it's been so easy to clean, plus the designs are so sweet.

How did you hear about our play mats?

Teagan S: Actually, I was gifted a Ludere baby mat, and I wish I had purchased it myself sooner! I love being outdoors, and with it being so easy to fold into a transportable drawstring bag, I can take it everywhere I go. It's so comfy and padded my 10-week-old sometimes falls asleep on it! After using mine, all the mums in my mother's group have since purchased one. Added bonus: it blends in with my interior at home.

How do you feel about the colours we offer?

Kate: I love my play mat! The quality is amazing, and it looks so beautiful in the home. Now I want more colours! 

Laura J: I love the colour range and the quality of the play mats – so versatile and in keeping with the style and colour scheme of my house.

Are you happy with the size of our large baby play mats?

Samantha F: It's bigger than our other play mats, which is just perfect for my little one, who's starting to move about. My son loves his play mat! It's so super soft and comfy that he often falls asleep on it.

What do you think about the materials we use for our play mats?

Francesca K: Absolutely love our Ludere play mat. It's so soft and comforting to know we are using something that is non-toxic for our baby to play on. I also love the colour as it goes well with our neutral interiors at home.

Hayley L: I absolutely LOVE the Ludere play mat. The quality is amazing, and the feel of it is luxurious. I also purchased one for my friend who just had a baby, and she adores it. Highly recommend. 5 stars!

Justin M: Such a fantastic item; the material is exceptional and so easy to travel with. Well done, Ludere, nailed it. 

Hayley S: The French linen feels so lovely, and I know my little one loves being on his Ludere play mat. The beautiful padding is perfect for his daily tummy time.

Does anyone else you know have a Ludere play mat? 

Shannon D: All the mums in our mum's group have Ludere play mats! When we get together at the park, we lay them all out like a giant picnic rug for the babies to play on. The colours all look gorgeous together, and the mats feel so luxurious.

Where do you keep your Ludere play mat?

Michelle P: I usually keep my mat in its case in the car to take it with me wherever I go. I have one for home and one for the car. They are just the best. The drawstring case is easy to use and so convenient for travelling.

Which do you prefer, the French Linen fabric play mat or the Foam?

Emily B: I have both! I found the linen playmats perfect for when my babies were little as they are so easy to take with you wherever you go. I have a large foam play mat in the front room that I use almost every day now my little one is sitting up and starting to move. I prop books up for her to look at when she is on her mat, and I love hearing her giggling away to herself.

Was it hard to order a play mat?

Tara G: I ordered a French Linen Play Mat in rust as a gift for my daughter-in-law, and the whole process was so easy. The delivery came on time, luckily just three days before she went into labour! My grandson loves lying on his mat.

Ludere – the choice of parents across Australia

We were blown away by some of these responses! Our brand is dedicated to creating beautiful, non-toxic baby accessories that complement your home. We design each product with love and attention to detail.

"Ludere" is Latin for play, and that's what we want your little ones to do on our play mats. Play is essential to learning, growth, and development, and by providing your children with a safe space to play, you are already winning at parenting. 

Our linen and padded foam mats are the perfect addition to any home. Thoughtfully designed, our high-quality products are beautiful and functional, the ultimate baby shower gift. Don't just take our word from it – our happy clients have spoken.

Explore our range to find your perfect baby play mat today.