Must-Read Books For First-Time Parents

Must-Read Books For First-Time Parents

The adage "Children don't come with a manual" is one you've heard, and it's true. Today modern families are nuclear. Thus, many new parents seek information from sources other than their own parents to learn about pregnancies, parenting, and child care.

Moreover, being a new parent is a significant event. You want to learn everything there is to know about babies before your own is born. First-time parents have overwhelming feelings as soon as they know they will become parents, but unfortunately, there isn't a step-by-step manual for raising a child.

We've put up a selection of suggested parenting and baby books. These books create an invaluable reference for all first time (and second and third and so on!) mums and dads.

Our Recommendations For Books First-Time Parents Must Read

1. The Sh!T No One Tells You: A Guide To Surviving Your Baby's First Year

This book is a hilarious guide to motherhood's first year, packed with sound advice and insight from actual parents.

Babies are adorable little bundles of joy. But, they are also tiny people with enormous potential. Parenting is a bittersweet experience. This book gives suggestions and experiences to give readers the motivation they need to make it through the first year of parenthood. Despite all of the ups and downs, having that adorable tiny person makes it worthwhile.

In her book, Dawn Dais discusses a variety of topics, including nursing and co-parenting. Mums with young children laugh aloud at Dais's odd insights and strong convictions. Moreover, pregnant women who seek an honest look inside what's to come are persuaded to nap while they can. 

2. The Baby Owner's Manual: Operating Instructions, Trouble-Shooting Tips, And Advice On First-Year Maintenance 

What is the similarity between a baby and a computer? There are steps to take, advice to use when issues emerge, and maintenance duties to carry out. That being said, two authors, Joe Borgenicht and Dr Louis Borgenicht - wrote this amusing and practical book that serves as an owner's manual for everyone welcoming a new baby. 

This is a wonderful present to give and receive because it is packed with directions, suggestions, and advice.

Everything is explained, including CPR and birthmarks. As the title implies, it is written in the style of a Manual. It employs simple illustrations, refers to the infant as "The Model," and offers advice on how to prevent your child from "malfunctioning

Grab your newborn play mat and set up some quality time with you and your baby to bond together!

3. Cribsheet: A Data-Driven Guide To Better, More Relaxed Parenting, From Birth To Preschool

In her new book, Cribsheet, Emily Oster enables parents to make fact-based decisions that reflect what's best for their particular family. Making judgments about what will be best for your child and family is one of the most challenging aspects of parenting. 

Oster lays out the data supporting a lot of the major parenting choices, such as how and what to feed our kids, immunisations, discipline, education, screen time, and potty training. She doesn't offer to advise. She only summarises the findings so that the reader can use them to inform their own decision-making.

The best part is that Oster discusses the effects of parenting choices on both parents and children in practically every chapter.

4. The Newborn Sleep Book 

Sleep – one of the biggest discussion points for any newborn and often one of the biggest challenges! Drs. Jassey's strategy is just one of many available, but it has a track record of success and is simple to use to help get your child to a point that they can sleep through the night.

The "Jassey Way," created by two successful physicians, has a success record of more than 90% in getting infants to sleep through the night within the first four weeks of life. It is a safe and effective method that uses a feeding schedule to give newborns (and their parents) a full night's sleep.

If it might lead to a peaceful night's sleep, we’ll give it a try!

5. The Happiest Baby On The Block By Dr Harvey Karp 

The Happiest Baby On The Block is a parenting staple, Dr Harvey Karp's well-known manual on calming a fussy infant. His "Five S" method to activate your baby's natural calming reflex is a lifesaver. 

This book is a must-read because it contains information on newborn sleep, SIDS risk, swaddling, relaxing, and everything in between. It is a life-changing book for parents of fussy infants, especially colicky ones.

6. What To Feed Your Baby And Toddler

What to Feed Your Baby and Toddler includes easy-to-follow recipes as well as a month-by-month analysis of foods to include in your child's diet during the first two years of life. 

In essence, the book offers a straightforward guide on feeding your child. Additionally, it has a wealth of knowledge on numerous issues, including how to handle fussy eaters, food allergies, and food safety. 

The critical function that early nutrition plays in a baby's growth and development is supported by substantial research. This book also discusses how to handle potentially upsetting eating situations, how to create a healthy eating environment, and how to deal with finicky eaters in children. 

Any new parent who wishes to enhance their baby's health and teach excellent eating habits from the start should read this comprehensive book!

7. What To Expect When You're Expecting

With information on preconception planning, birthing alternatives, second pregnancies, twins, and dealing with common and uncommon pregnancy symptoms, this book incorporates everything new in pregnancy, childbirth, and the lifestyles of parents-to-be.

What To Expect When You're Expecting is one of the most popular pregnancies and parenting books available in the market that provides answers to all the questions that expectant parents and mothers have. 

8. How To Be A Happier Parent

Flight attendants tell us to put our oxygen masks on first before assisting others for a reason. This book draws on years of experience and extensive study to provide parents with simple, effective methods for finding joy and happiness amid the unavoidable turmoil of life with a newborn.

The writing of Dell Antonia is approachable, humorous, and always forgiving. She's not going to criticise the way your family approaches parenting. Instead, she provides a less demanding option that can make you a happier parent overall. Moreover, she frequently advises that doing less is the greatest way to reduce parent stress.

9. The Conscious Parent: Transforming Ourselves, Empowering Our Children

The fundamental tenet of this book is that our children are born to us in order to bring about profound internal transformation within us, despite the old adage that it is our duty to mould our children's futures. 

This book aids new parents in honing their skills, which inevitably benefits their child's life. Before a parent can deliver effective parenting, they must first analyse themselves since children absorb and mimic what their parents do.

10. Strong As A Mother: How To Stay Healthy, Happy, And (Most Importantly) Sane From Pregnancy To Parenthood: The Only Guide To Taking Care Of You!

A helpful and sympathetic manual for getting ready for the transition to motherhood is Strong as a Mother. It provides you with the tools you need to take care of yourself and reaffirms that it's okay to struggle.

Strong As A Mother prepares you for what lies ahead with humour and grace. It will assist you in setting emotional health as a top priority, establishing boundaries and asking for assistance, getting enough sleep, building a strong relationship with your partner, and trusting your instincts. So, you can rely on this book to keep you safe.

Wrapping It Up!

Having a baby is very exciting, but pregnancy lasts for nine long months. Educating oneself and knowing as much as you can about parenting, self-care, and pregnancy is a part of preparing, whether you are a mum or a partner.

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