Must Have Baby Products for the First Year

Must Have Baby Products for the First Year

If you're expecting, it's likely you've already started thinking about what baby essentials you'll need over the first year of your baby's life. Some things are obvious—clothing, a cot, nappies—but other baby essentials are easier to overlook.

That's why the team here at Ludere created this first-year shopping list for first-time mums. We've thought of all the essentials, so you can put your mind at ease and focus on other fun things, like deciding on a name.

Let's look at all the must-have baby products for the first year.


Tiny baby clothes are adorable, and it's easy to get a little excited when deciding what to buy; just keep in mind babies grow quickly, so invest in a few different sizes rather than all 0000. Go for comfort and ease and look for soft, roomy, durable clothing.

Well-made items will hold up through frequent washings. If possible, opt for organic baby clothing made without harsh dyes or potentially harmful chemicals. Whatever you choose, select a gentle, baby-friendly laundry detergent to prevent skin irritation.


Deciding whether to use cloth or disposable nappies comes down to personal preference. Typically, a newborn will go through around ten nappies every 24 hours for the first little while, so plan accordingly.


A bassinet is a safe, comfortable sleeping spot for your baby. Bassinets are an excellent way to keep your newborn close during the first months at home. Bassinets are typically much more portable than cots, meaning you can move them around the home as required.


There are so many pram choices available it can be overwhelming choosing just one. Look at several different models and practice collapsing them, so you're not left stuck trying to fold it up to get it in the car.

Baby monitor

Baby monitors allow you to listen out for your baby while you're in another room or the garden. A baby monitor will give you peace of mind that your baby is safe and well while you're busy with other tasks. They range from basic sound-only models to high-resolution video models.

Nursing or feeding pillow

A good nursing pillow will support your baby while you're nursing or bottle-feeding and help you avoid straining your shoulders or neck. Designed to wrap around your waist, they can be a lifesaver, especially after a C-section.


Some babies love their dummies; some never take to them. It is worth having several on hand if your newborn won't settle. Dummies can help calm your baby down and help you get some much-needed sleep.

Infant Baby Play Mat

Tummy time is essential in helping your baby strengthen their neck, shoulder, and arm muscles, which is why an infant baby play mat is crucial for your baby's development.

Choose either a French Flax Linen or TPU play mat from Ludere's collection to know you are getting a non-toxic, functional, and aesthetically pleasing baby accessory for your little one.

Safety Gates

Once your baby starts crawling, there is no stopping them, and if your home has stairs, you'll need to invest in some safety gates. You can also use a safety gate to keep your little ones away from the kitchen, laundry, or garage.


Choose a highchair with a high safety rating and one that is easy to clean – babies get food everywhere!

First-aid kit

Investing in a comprehensive first-aid kit is essential in their first year. It will contain helpful health and safety items you may need if your baby is sick or injured.

There you go, Ludere’s list of everything you'll need in the first year!

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