How to dress baby for summer

How to Dress a Newborn for Summer

Australian summers mean clear blues skies and hot sunshine. Keeping cool through the hot weather becomes everyone’s priority, especially if you are a new parent. There are several points to consider when attempting to keep your baby cool over the summer, so we thought we’d give you some tips.

Read on to learn more about dressing your newborn for summer.

Use breathable fabrics

The priority is to keep your baby comfortable over the hotter months, so ensure you choose breathable fabrics. Cotton and linen let heat escape and help keep your baby cool. Opt for a light muslin wrap if you’re still swaddling your baby.

Opt for loose clothing

Tight-fitting clothes are uncomfortable during summer, so opt for looser fits. You may need to select a size up, or you can dress your newborn in a singlet and wrap them loosely with a muslin wrap.

What about air-conditioning?

If your newborn sleeps under or near an air conditioning vent or ceiling fan, a light, long-sleeved cotton onesie, and a baby sleeping bag should be enough to keep them comfortable. It’s worth having a lightweight blanket on hand just in case they get a little cool. 

If you don’t have air-conditioning or an overhead fan, try dressing your newborn in a short-sleeve onesie and a light muslin wrap.

Other points to consider

  1. Wear a baby carrier sparingly in summer: many baby carriers place your baby snugly up against your body, which is lovely but can also lead to them overheating. Try to have breaks from carrying your baby if you are out in the warm weather. 
  2. Use a sunshade or canopy for your stroller: investing in a sunshade for your newborn is a fantastic way to help keep them cool.
  3. Use a nursery mat: if your baby seems hot and bothered, some time on a nursery play mat may help them unwind. Both foam and linen play mats provide a safe and comfortable space for newborns to have some downtime.

How do you know if your baby is too hot?

If your baby is uncomfortable, they will find a way to let you know. Here are some common signs of discomfort in newborns:

  • Excessive crying, especially late at night
  • Restless during scheduled naps or bedtime
  • Frequent wakeups
  • Shorter naps than usual
  • Quiet and still
  • Awake but lethargic or floppy
  • Not interested in food.

If your baby displays any of these symptoms, begin by assessing what they are wearing. If you are in any doubt about the health of your baby, call your GP. 

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