Design and Decorate the Perfect Gender-Neutral Nursery

Design and Decorate the Perfect Gender-Neutral Nursery

More and more people are gently moving away from the idea that blue is for boys and pink is for girls. It appears that nursery trends are taking a gender-neutral turn, letting go of the traditional binaries of blues or pinks, dollies, or trucks. Are you waiting until your baby is born to find out the gender? Or are you moving away from stereotypical gender rules?

Either way, we've put together some tips to help you design a beautiful, modern, gender-neutral space fit for your new baby. 

Why go gender-neutral in your styling?

One of the most significant advantages of creating a gender-neutral space comes from not having to redecorate when your tiny baby gets bigger. Starting with fresh neutral tones allows the room to grow with your child, letting you add character and personalisation through accessories and soft furnishings.

Read on to see our top tips for designing and decorating the perfect gender-neutral nursery.

Start with a neutral base

Choose a muted colour palette. Think creamy whites, subtle greys, and soft yellows. There's no shortage of beautiful gender-neutral options; pop along to your local hardware store or paint shop for samples. The colour palette will set the room's tone, allowing you the freedom to add different design elements through furniture and playthings.

Add personality through a theme

There are endless possibilities when it comes to themes for your child's nursery. Think of a universal and playful theme like animals, alphabets, stars, stripes, or polka dots. Add playful, functional accent pieces like throw pillows or beanbags.

Chic storage bins or a statement rug can add extra dimension. Keep in mind that you will also be spending plenty of time in the room with your baby, so you choose an aesthetic that reflects your personality and style.

Choose your furniture wisely

Selecting natural wood furniture that will age well and grow with your child gives you excellent value for money. Invest in furniture that is not just limited to use in the baby's room. Once your child outgrows their cot, select a big kid's bed that will suffice through to the teen years. 

Keep it simple

Clean lines and simple spaces are the hallmarks of minimalism. Classic mid-century contemporary Scandinavian style never goes out of fashion and is easy to achieve.

Once you have selected your base colour palette and added your cot and change table, a simple oversized plant and natural fibre rug will add a touch of drama, giving the room character without compromising its understated appeal.

Focus on play

Babies learn through play; it is an essential part of their growth. Encourage imaginative play by adding stacking blocks, bricks, puzzles, and plenty of books.

Independent play helps build neural pathways, so including practical details such as open shelving, easy-access boxes, and wall hooks allow kids to choose which toys to enjoy and creates a functional, child-friendly space.

Add elements of nature

The world is full of wonders, so bring a few natural elements into your gender-neutral nursery. Decorate one wall with tree patterned wallpaper or a mural featuring the ocean. Add natural textures through rugs, soft furnishings, and plenty of indoor plants.  

Don't be afraid of patterns

Add a touch of drama with a patterned rug or feature wall. Patterns can add colour and create visual weight in a room. A stunning wall decal or patterned wallpaper can pull focus and create drama without introducing too much colour. Or consider a hand-woven rug in a large-scale pattern to complement a feature wall without making the space feel cluttered. 

Monochrome is cool

Black and white or grey and white provides the perfect palette for a gender-neutral space. The dramatic contrast can create a playful and visually stimulating design, perfect for girls or boys. Add extra elements through plants and soft furnishings.

Add a feature wall 

Choose a soft orange, deep green or muted yellow to create a versatile gender-neutral nursery. These shades add drama and create a warm cosy feel. A deep green feature wall paired with natural woven fibre rugs and pot plants creates a jungle-like feel to nurseries, making a safe refuge from the busy outside world.

A soft mossy green or a muted sage matches almost any other design style, offering a satisfying ad comforting alternative to grey or beige.

Add drama through colour

Kids love bright, colourful objects, and you can add these elements by introducing a rainbow of colour to a simple all-white space. Choose brightly coloured pillows, blocks, and storage boxes to add a playful and eclectic feel to your gender-neutral nursery. 

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